Site survey

The site survey is the first step towards successful interior design, restoration or renovation. We consider every aspect of the place, such as spatial, aesthetics, bioclimatic environment and technical condition. It’s not only a physical scan of the place but a synthesis of its intrinsic properties.

Although ‘site survey’ might tend to link as a way of documenting the internal measurements of space, we understand it as a proper survey and a data collection of particularities and details beyond its basic idea of space: crucial information about the potentialities and possibilities for further design processes. And the right site survey can save you time and money in the long term, apart from being the right first step to a successful design.

Our site survey is done with maximum precision, we deliver it in a digital source, PDF and DWG with plans and sections to the perfect understanding and correct usage. Along with a specifications book and pictures. It can be either in English or Italian languages.

Site survey: €3,00/ m²

*It is not included in our site survey package: electric, hydraulic and HVAC installations.

**May be applied travel expenses.