We also offer the interior restyling service, for those who seek a more lenient intervention and a better organization of their homes. We consider everything the customer would like to keep, as well as we can advise which can remain or not for the best results.

The restyling is very useful for those who suffer from room arrangement, and when the house seems to be always messed up or feels that it takes a lot of work to keep the house in order.

It also applies to those who do not feel comfortable with the aesthetic style, color or composition and want to conduct a study of a better distribution.

Our Restyling service is delivered in a compilation of sketches images of the 3D model, for the complete and correct understanding. With main measures, as well as references for all items that compound the design.

Restyling: €150/ room

*For rooms less than 40m² area.

** May apply travel expenses

*** Rendering not included