Studio apartment

The design for this studio apartment was developed to segregate the night zone and a daytime zone, though without leaving the ambient too tight or darkened, losing the natural light.

To do so, a huge cabinet was created attached to a double-sided bookshelf, which serves either a small living room as the bedroom. Equipped with a mechanism to rotate the TV, the shelf allows the partial disclosure of the other room and the visual and luminous permeability.

To solve the dining room, a folding table was developed which, when closed occupies 10 cm deep, and open allows a meal of up to 3 people simultaneously, with a funny pinball flipper style design made with a mix of two hardwood essences: oak and walnut.

A double-sided shelf comes as the protagonist for this nice studio apartment. Mixing oak, white and gray, the light red couch warms its tones, which should be balanced with curtains and bedding as a suggestion. Supporting the scene came the idea to play with a shape of a pinball flipper for a flipping table, sounds original?

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