Pedro Living Room at Lisbon

Pedro and Elisa are a young couple who like to be at home and receive friends. They have a taste for modern lines but are also attached to some traditional items, but could not specify what they would like to keep more traditional or what would be bolder.

The interior design for this environment then aims to work with straight and simple lines, in order to minimize the amount of information so that it could work more in textures and coatings.

Therefore, it has been proposed a furniture line with walnut wood as the main essence, and other details in uniform colors. The walls were crafted in gray, lilac and wallpaper, where gray was used as background, the lilac as a bulkhead for the transition areas and the wallpaper refers to the dining room.

The floor chosen by the couple was a light concrete stoneware, in dimensions of 1x1m, framed by a white skirting board to emphasizing the shades of gray.

The ceiling line has been lowered to a ceiling of 2.3 meters in the living room to hide a support beam and reduce the height creating a feeling of greater depth in the environment. The dining room, in turn, maintains a higher height and features a beautiful ultra-modern chandelier.

The sofa with straight and low lines is embraced by a walnut console with beveled edges and a very stylish line. The same wood is used for the TV set with a shelf. Drawers without drawers were used, but with a recess in the upper plane, which makes a very interesting detail. The TV with the panel arranged asymmetrically seeks to transfer the most centralized focal point to the environment, making the viewer understand the composition.

The darker curtains make the background to the whole and smooth integration between the spaces.

Special detail to a huge mirror in a bright yellow frame, leaning on the floor beside the entrance door.

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