Pampa Beef Boutique

Pampa Beef Boutique is a retail store for vacuum-packed meats, which there was no need for the presence of a butcher’s service and handling.

In addition to meats, the store offers a wide range of beverages such as craft beers and wines, barbecue complements and items of convenience to the general consumer.

The concept of the store, as for its interior design, is a sophisticated rusticity. For that were worked very homogeneous wood textures for the furniture, with a clear and reflective floor in porcelain stoneware, in neutral and warm tones. The lighting was treated with focal points to the client’s path, keeping the lighting very faint with the drinks. In refrigerators and freezers, the cold light makes a hygienic effect and counteracts with the general warm lighting, keeping the coloring of the meats attractive and fresh.

Check out the photo gallery of this elegant Beef Boutique

And below, some technical development developed here

One interesting detail of this project is that it was made with the possibility to adapt the staircase access in order to bring a public activity in the future, if so, simply building a new gypsum wall and transferring the actual door to a new position. That can make further 25 square meters of floor, that could be used to expose new products, setting up a few tables or events hall.

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