Half walk-in closet

How could it be ever possible? You’d think that there is no such thing, as half walk somewhere. But I have to say that, yes, indeed! Not literally half walk there, but it’s all about a partial walk-in closet!

For those who ever thought about having your own walk-in closet, but there’s no room for doing it so, well that’s because you didn’t know me already, and that’s okay for now.

Back into this beautiful design: instead of making a double cabinet, as usual, I did 1/3 depth cabinet creating a bulkhead on the head of the bed. That would be used for smaller things, even specially folded clothes. On the other side, there is a normal sized cabinet.

Due to the reduced size of the room, I kept both sided entries, and, on those, I put mirrored doors. Then, to sustain the whole structure it was designed also a false ceiling all in carpentry, with built-in LED lighting.

The room was actually pretty tight, and we had to sacrifice the bedside tables/ nightstands. However, in order to be “not so mean”, I added two niches to serve as a bedside but weren’t’s properly on the bedside.

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