Fashion Retail Restyling

The “Sul Concept” retail store, asked for a restyling on their brand-new store, which already had some tailored furniture, and, in order to reduce initial budget investment, wanted to keep those but with a modern and younger style.

So I came up with the idea of covering all the shabby-chic styled coating with 3D worked panels all in shades of gray and small details in yellow. The idea was inspired in a circle based pattern, which was arrayed a lot of circles in different diameter and depth. Then, we back paneled a yellow coating to create the yellow dots effect whenever those full through bores hit, disposed in a double line in a kind of random effect.

The pattern was used whether inside or outside the store, as for the cabinet doors as on the columns.

After all, two walls were covered with mirrors, and we added a lighting frame in the center of the showroom, where it is placed a table and some other showcases.

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