Exhibition Stand

The design of this stand was developed following the briefing elaborated by the company, in which, besides a commercial hall and product exhibition there was a home. Such proposal came as a need to demonstrate in practice the use of the products: fabrics for curtains and wall coverings. Thus, was created the simulation of an apartment for a young couple, modern and cool.

Moodboard for exhibition stand with a simulated modern home

The result was this. Attention to the detail of the external recesses that creates in the interior details such as a desktop and a retreat for illumination and curtain box. The use of daring colors such as yellow and red suggest the highlight of coatings and their transitions.

Some details like the front door of the house, with white pebbles, make the environment very attractive from the entrance. The workbench of the home-office makes a unique yellow line that makes a volumetric playful transition besides the bed, recreating attractive and modern nightstands in a multifunctional and exciting environment.

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