Lighting Design

Good lighting design can bring further experiences to your home, shop or office. With a good plan for lighting, it’s possible to rearrange spaces, ambient or paths along the place.

Like the interior design, the lighting designs don’t follow specific rules or normative, and the creativity to arrange and choose light types will depend on the intentions of the client, architect or interior designer to develop, whether highlighting or attenuate specific parts of the whole project.

I often encourage people to have at least a double set of possibilities to play and compose and create different levels of illumination in order to serve as well for different types of usage. For instance: in a living room it’s interesting to have a subtle light for relaxation, but it’s also good to have a bright illumination to interact with people and things. If the living room is integrated with a dining room, then another set obviously is necessary.

And the nice thing about it is that it’s not about buying new lamps, everything else must be considered when designing lights: the solar incidence, color hues, curtains, walls, furniture, vegetation, rugs. So, the only limitation is the imagination and the budget, of course.

Below a few samples of lighting designs I’ve made through last years:

Lighting Design: €150/ room

*For rooms less than 50m² area.

** May apply travel expenses

*** Rendering not included