New week! Let’s work!!!

Monday, yeah! How do you feel? Enthusiastic, motivated, happy?

No? I guess you should! Plenty full week ahead and everything can happen, depending on you! Okay, I might understand a bit of your anxiety BEFORE going to work, because yesterday was Sunday and you were out in a park, on a beach or doing whatever you felt like, even nothing.

Your bed should be better than your office, but… Come on!!!!

The good news to you, my dear reader, is if you’re feeling like unmotivated to resume your routine, dealing with bosses, clients, phones, and e-mail: stay cool, it’s not your fault! Several times a huge issue about your willingness to get back to work is your workplace.

It’s not that your office is uncomfortable, ugly or a mess. It might even be, although I’m not able to evaluate such a thing now. There are places where productivity and motivation simply don’t seem to collaborate, even if seriously necessary. But what makes an office attractive, in the sense to motivate, inspire and produce?

Aseptic workplace? Cute, but come on… Robots allowed only? Humans: to the cube!

Well, this is not a simple question, I mean, there’s no such rule for that. It depends on the type of work is done and the team and their interests. But there is a bunch of photos on Pinterest that might catch your style visually.

In order to improve your workplace, I suggest following these simple steps:

  • Light it up: one of the most important factors, low levels of illumination cause fatigue and stress. High levels of contrast (between a monitor and the desk) stress your pupils, by going from a bright environment to a dark one in a couple of seconds, several times a day. And that can make you tired, headache, or other serious health injuries. The ideal workplace maintains a good level of luminosity without being too bright. If possible, I very recommend some sunlight too, yes it can heat up, but you can get some vitamin D without supplements (really!)
  • Ergonomics: the correct posture to make you comfortable without making efforts on the back, shoulder, arms, wrists, and hands. Try reclined chair, find the best position, put a foot rest on the floor. The average table height should be around 76 cm but depends on the work you do and your height.
  • Clean it: the stuff you use should have a place to put, a drawer, cabinet, folders or organizer. Maintain your desktop minimal above all before going home, so tomorrow you’ll arrive in a brand-new desk. It’s something like a brand new plain paper, which you can do whatever you want because it’s clean, plain. Like your Sundays!
  • Temperature: if your room is mixed men-women, this is a problem, at least for the minority, sorry! 😉 By the way, to resolve this issue you might invest in a new layout for the office, considering HVAC spots position, and then it might be possible to find your harmony.
  • Acoustics: plain walls reflect sound. As you might know, the speed of sound is much slower than light, so if the room is wide every sound emitted there, then reflected on the walls, once they get onto somebody’s ear, with the fraction of a second makes a NOISE. Echoes over noises and the audio chaos. Chaos stresses, blocks and make you unproductive. Solutions are a good headphone, refractive walls, floor and ceiling, vegetation, etc.
  • Colors: for every color, there is a mood, a brain function or association. Choosing the right color might get you up! But the most important, even more than the proper color: The combination! Contrasts and hues might be useful in some cases, but also can disturb and get you anxious, unquiet and uncomfortable. Harmony is everything!
  • Air: the freshness of the air you breathe influences your productivity and quality of your work. Check the air conditioning filters inspection, open the windows if possible, and don’t, just don’t smoke there, ever!
  • Bring some green: plants can do much more than you think. They can change the color hue, refract sound, and other technical benefits. Not so far, they make us remember that we are not machines, but the same as they are: nature, bio, life. Be sure to keep them cool and water them periodically depending on their needs.
Skylight and sunlight, plants and wood: very natural habitat to spend half-lifetime.
A little messy but absolutely cozy: warm hue, human scale and interesting. Not adapted for long periods working on the benches or sofas.
The green wall can be very interesting, but it wouldn’t be possible to maintain homogeneous like that due to the solar incidence. After all, the maintenance could be onerous. Maybe artificial vegetation should be a solution, what a shame!

Thanks for reading! Did you like? Share! Like. Want to get your office a nice place to work? Call, text or get in touch!

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