Valentine’s interior DIY ideas

Looking for decor ideas for this Valentine’s? Instead of going out and spending time and money on expensive restaurants, cinema an so on, I’d like to show you some nice ideas to decorate your own home for this night and inspire you to have a romantic evening with your partner. I’m sure it will be unforgettable!

3D heart DIY made with cardboard, scissors and glue. Very simple!

3D heart model in cardboard! Soooo romantic!

Very simple 3D heart model made with cardboard. You can make it with whatever color you feel like, but I think the most appropriate colours would be red, pink or lilac. But you might choose it on your own. With the template below, which is very intuitive (cut it out on solid lines, fold it on dashed ones and glue the paired numbers together). I made myself three of them, together with a cardboard frame and hung on the wall for a certain period. Okay, I did it together with my partner… 🙂

My hint for this is: print the templates in A4 format, normal plain paper. Then glue it (outside the drawing) on a cardboard. Then, with a ballpoint pen and a ruler, draw over the dashed lines with a good pressure (in order to engrave the cardboard). So then, with the scissors, cut the original solid lines. After that, with the ruler and a plastic pointer, engrave again the folding lines. In order to make a perfect folding, make a pre-fold over all the lines on both ways (up and down). Finally, come folding and gluing together from the middle to the borders (start on the number 4, then 12, 2-11, 16, 15-10, and so on…)

Christmas Lights! Subtle diffuse lighting (it’s the new candle lights)

After delightful wines or liquor, it’s time to recycle and reuse the bottles, as well as the Christmas lights for the rest of the year. Setting up a beautiful Valentine’s table for dinner with this lighting, there’s no crush resistance! :p

Rearrange the bedroom (if possible)

You might try to rearrange the bedroom, changing the armchair position, the bed position, adding a different rug… Or maybe the lighting bottles on the bedside. Every single change for a long-life couple counts.

I know that might be more challenging than the other ideas, and I make myself available to make a restyling of the bedroom, if you want to make a deeper intervention. But that is a talk for after the Valentine’s, maybe you can convince him/ her to make up a new interior design for your home… 😉

Keep tuned for further ideas!

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