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Yes, home!

The perfect place to be yourself. Take off your shoes and relax. Take off your working clothes and your working character. Simply be the one you are since you were a kid. The place you have fun. The place you want to go, where you seek to stay. Your place.

There are infinite possibilities which make each home unique. There are people who long for relaxation, and others who party. Your place must be you and that is a quite difficult thing to understand. Many don’t feel comfortable at home and don’t know why they are not attracted going back there every evening. 

If you are one of those, don’t freak out, that’s normal. There are interior designers who can help you make your home so nice again. 

I am an architect and interior designer, and I work for that purpose too. My first skill is about reading and understanding my clients’ needs, where I get in between the lines to comprehend their actual needs and inspirations. 

In my projects, I look forward to delivering not only the clients’ demands but usually, I like to go further on and develop happiness and playfulness to their places based on my previous understanding. I seek to deliver people the experience of using a home with joy, and that makes the whole difference. 

That doesn’t mean to buy everything new or throwing all they have away. I first gather all the information about the actual scene. Then I build the mood concept, based on the clients’ intentions and budget expectation. And so then the final project comes up. 

The creativity I intend is not strictly based on new designs about furniture and the interior, but how to mix everything in nice harmonic aesthetic regarding its usage and the users’ joy. 

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As an architect, I have almost worked totally as an interior designer and I have experienced more than 200 retail shops and 150 home renews over the past 15 years. I have backgrounded a wide knowledge of internal composition, furniture and woodworking, glass, metal, textile, pattern, and other. 

Whatever I design and offer in the projects, I have a clear view of how, when and where to do, without any kind of doubt. If it happens, I know what to concern about before offering. And that holistic understanding of all the intervention makes any master plan effective and coherent, neutralising losses and optimising results.

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I am a creative one: new solutions to usual situations, textures, colours, lights and volumes that make up every space and ambient. 

I am also a technical one: fast and accurate answers for each case, I can understand an issue fast and find an appropriate solution with a clear point and effective reason towards the main goal of the project.

Determined, curious and observer: I believe understanding is a half-way to find the best solution. I consider every possibility before taking a decision, finding the best alternative and eliminating risks or losses. 

Entrepreneur, I come to sum all the potentialities of every space, offering optimal solutions and ideas for every project. 

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Currently, I am based in Milan, Italy. If you feel like contact, please leave a message below, or get in touch:

 +39 391 4235148